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(Not to be confused with Dragon*Con Ho. I'm a married woman now!)

Mainlining orange juice seems to have helped, so hopefully I'm ready for Dragon*Con. (Except for James reminding me "honey, we need to pack.")

I'm not good at organizing my Dragon*Con time. Chances are most people I see will be people I bump into, which is surprisingly pretty effective for catching up with my friends in a crowd of 35,000. Half the people I know in the world will be at con, and I don't flatter myself that you all want to meet up with me, but if for some reason you do, text-messaging me is the way to go, and email may also work. I'm sure I'll be stalking Voltaire a lot, too.

Everyone have a great weekend!
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So according to the website, Elisabeth Rohm is coming to Dragon*Con.

I wonder if she'd get it if I went up to her and said "MY LEZBIAN IZ PASTEDE ON YAY!"?

...Probably not. Maybe I should ask her if Fred Thompson's as much of a dick as he seems like instead. Better yet, if Dick Wolf's as much of a dick as he seems like.

And I also see that Adam Baldwin has cancelled. Adam Baldwin for Elisabeth Rohm? NOT a fair trade.
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Dear Guy at the Venture Brothers Panel Who Would Not Shut Up with His Mediocre Observations that He Thought Were Brilliant,

You know that part in the Venture Brothers panel where you started ranting about "that character was an orphan, because in one of the later episodes of Captain Planet he told the story about how his parents died"? I can't decide whether it's worse that you knew that, or that you spouted it in a Venture Brothers panel. Anyway, just for that, you deserve to never ever get laid again. Actually, I'm not so sure about the "again," as it would imply you'd gotten laid before.

STFU, n00b,

Dear Amateur "Musician",

See the crowd of people listening to the professional musicians? They paid a lot of money to come here and hear these musicians. Which is why they are called professional musicians. They did not pay a lot of money to come here and hear you. But if you don't stop banging on your damn drum while I'm trying to listen to the Brobdingnagian Bards, I'm going to give some kid five bucks to steal your drum. If the Bards wanted you to perform with them, they would invite you up on stage. They haven't, so try and remember the manners your mama gave you and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

STFU, n00b,

Dear Chick on the Escalator Wearing the "These Are Not the Breasts You're Looking For, Move Along" T-shirt,

I'm sorry, but in case you haven't noticed, you're flat as a board. You don't get to wear that shirt. Pass it over here and let me show you how it's done.

STFU, n00b,

Dear Hilton Family,

What the hell is up with those notes in the bathroom asking me if I really need a clean towel every day? At these prices, you bet I do. Stop trying to make me feel guilty, I'm not the one responsible for Paris.

STFU, rich n00bs,

Dear Hyatt,

I know you love us more than the other hotels because you get us a crossing guard.


Dear James,

I'm sorry I didn't actually manage to wear the fairy costume. But look on the bright side -- Halloween's next month!


Dear Dragon*Con,

You make me poor, sick, and inebriated. How I love you.

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Con ends with you tired, broke, sick, crabby, and pissed at all your friends. And that's if you had a good con.
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I'm at Dragon*Con! Con is great, except when it's not. I've had to restrain myself a few times from yelling at people who are annoying me. Like the elves who were ahead of me on the stairs whiiiiiining about how robes and stairs do not go together. I really thought about yelling "Shut up, you pointy-eared gits! They had stairs in Rivendell!"

Oh, also, most of you are smart enough to know this already, but those drinks at Trader Vic's are DEADLY. I am still bummed that I was too snookered to make MargaritaCon or Voltaire's big show. (James tried to take me because he knew I really wanted to go, but then I was too drunk to remember where Voltaire was, so he brought my drunk ass back to the room. He is totally the best.) Also, now I don't have as much cash to blow on totally useless stuff in the dealer's room. Damn Trader Vic's.

Also, am I ever going to be able to get into a Firefly panel? There were like a thousand people yesterday. I MUST get all fangirly at one of those.

Also, I have a damn hangover. Dear Kelly, you are not twenty anymore. Please don't try to drink like you are. And don't scare the poor Indiana Joneses across the hall.


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