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Some nice moments, and Timmy the little kid was surprisingly more adorable than annoying, but I wanna know who it was that decided what Christmas specials need is a douchebag protagonist, Office-style jokes that kids won't get and adults have already heard, and a theme that everyone hates their job no matter how cool it is, so I can beat that person with a stick till candy comes out.
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I'm not certain if V actually was interesting last night or if I just thought it looked interesting in light of the last two boring episodes. I guess this question will only be answered in March when I decide whether to continue watching it or not.
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OMG V actually got interesting!
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Could someone please shoot this show and put it out of its misery?
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[profile] scarcrest brings tidings of great joy: Richard Belzer has just filmed a guest spot on The Wire as Det. John Munch.

For those wondering why this is different than any other Munch crossover, go watch The Wire.
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James loves to watch entire runs of TV shows on DVD. Like, I gave him season 5 of Smallville on DVD for Christmas, and before he'd watch it he had to review the past four seasons, though he'd already seen them before. This meant I learned everything you people say about Smallville is true, except for the part about being awesome. Man, I got weeks of snark mileage out of that. 

I can't watch shows back-to-back like that like he does. My attention span isn't long enough. When we watched Firefly together (my first time, his second), he wanted to watch 'em all at once, and I was all "NOOOOOOOO!! There are only THIRTEEN!! We must SAVOR them!" Can't do it. Don't know why. Just can't. Maybe it's because I'm easily distracted and more likely to impulsively pick up a book or surf to a website, rather than pick out DVDs and load them up. That seems like such a time commitment.

So anyway, James has decided he needs to watch all too many seasons of The X-Files. The pilot is on right now, and it looks so dingy and no-budget, and Gillian Anderson's acting is bad, just kind of blankly staring into the screen while she recites her lines, and David Duchovny is, well ...David Duchovny. One of my undergrad professors went to grad school with him (an English Ph.D. program, and you can insert your own joke here), and Duchovny dropped out to go be an actor, and they all laughed at him because they'd seen him in a school play and he sucked, and the prof's story ended "and when you see him on the X-Files, he's not acting, he's just playing himself!" Said prof started the discussion with "I've seen David Duchovny naked" (hitting the showers after playing basketball).

Wow, even in the beginning they were determined to show Gillian in her underwear. This reminds me of the time in mid-to-later years (while was still in college, so probably '98-'99) when an entire episode was just a ruse to show Gillian in her underwear, and [personal profile] ariedana and [profile] scarcrest probably remember this, I got so pissed that my signoff of "If I had a dick, Chris Carter could suck it" ended up going out over the Knights discussion list at least a dozen times while people argued.

...Oh shit. That wonderful sexual tension. It's hooking me in again. Nooooooo!!! I know better than this!!! 

Watching this is such an INSANE blast from the past. I was never the hugest X-Files fan, but I followed it on and off for many years, in many different contexts. From watching it by myself on Friday nights at home in high school, to making a weekly event of it in the dorm, to catching it in passing at the Party House and thinking how far it (and I) had fallen. Usually, when I think about the X-Files, I think about how no show has ever jumped the shark so dramatically -- from so good to so ravingly, maddeningly bad. But tonight it's just kind of looking back at all those different times, those different places, those different people, those different mes. Wow. These days it seems like everything is leading me around in ways that let me see, for what feels like the first time, how things really do change.

For my money, I still have trouble picking a better villain than the Cigarette-Smoking Man.

ETA: You know, Mulder only works because David Duchovny plays him. Because you know that in every other possible world, Mulder is really, really smelly. And not in a good way.
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I'm not watching House this week. It's my way of logging a silent (read: meaningless) protest of the ridonkulousness (wherever you are, [profile] iharthdarth, thank you for that word) of last week's episode, and really the majority of this season. If the writers insist on smoking crack, couldn't they at least spring for the good crack?


Jan. 9th, 2007 10:00 pm
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Okay. Remember how The Nine, the show about the bank robbery hostages, was supposed to be THE fall show, except of course to the people who thought Studio 60 was THE fall show? Well, I've been watching it and it's really not all that and a bag of chips. (It is better than Studio 60, and I'm going to shut up about that now before [ profile] ariedana hurts me.) I actually tried to not watch it a couple of weeks ago, and James got all agitated. "You made me stop watching that other show that's probably cancelled now to watch this!" So I watched it. BTW, "that other show" was Kidnapped, which was dreadful. James also loves Studio 60 to the point of referring to it as "my show." Our television incompatibility is starting to worry me. Luckily there's Boston Legal and Jack of All Trades and all my Homicide DVDs which he claims he likes. But I digress (and how!).

Anyway, The Nine is watchable if not brilliant. Though I spend most of it staring at Tim Daly wishing he were still devious brilliant sexy-as-hell Harlan Judd from the late lamented in-the-same-damn-time-slot Eyes instead of cranky cop/gambling addict Nick. (Aside: How amusing is it that the brothers from Wings ended up in the two most-buzzed dramas of the new season? Somewhere, Crystal Bernard is pissed.) But in the past couple of episodes I've noticed something that makes it much more entertaining and relatable to me:

The Nine is just like LiveJournal.

Think about it. You have something that happened, only no one's quite sure what, and you have to try and put the pieces together by looking at everyone's version of events. You're not sure who knows what because you don't know who's on which filter and you're not sure who's not supposed to be told about what's on the filter and then there's the bigmouth who forgets about filters and blabs to everyone that somebody's pregnant. In the same vein, you also have the competing social events and you can't remember who's been invited to them and who's persona non grata and who's blowing them off to go have sex. Then there's the guy who can't check his LJ because he's in jail so he doesn't know what the hell's going on. And finally, you have a poll on whether someone should live or die. See? Just like LiveJournal.

Hell yes!

Oct. 30th, 2006 10:41 am
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This weekend I saw a terrific movie and I didn't even have to get up off my couch. Cartoon Network aired Hellboy: Sword of Storms on Saturday night. I loved the first Hellboy movie, and this one certainly did not disappoint. Of course, it helped that Mike Mignola was a co-writer and Ron Perlman was back to voice Hellboy. I've heard rumors of a Hellboy animated series; I really hope they're true. Hellboy could fill the Justice League-shaped void at Cartoon Network.

Of course, the fact that this was on Cartoon Network made me think of a crossover I REALLY want to see:

HELLBOY: So we... oh, crap. I TOLD you guys what I think of psychics.
DR. ORPHEUS: I'll have you know that I am NO MERE PSYCHIC! I am *thunderclap* DR. ORPHEUS, MASTER OF NECROMANCY!!
HELLBOY: Oh, THAT'S just GREAT. Who the hell let the necromancer in here?


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