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Virginia Tech probe finds no fault in massacre response

"Seung-Hui Cho 'was determined to commit murder, planned the crime meticulously and managed to conceal his homicidal urges from all of law enforcement authorities, and the mental health experts who tried to help him and presumably from his own family,' Virginia Tech president Charles Steger said." 

Yep, he concealed his homicidal urges so well that Nikki Giovanni (you may have heard of her; she's a prominent American poet) had him removed from her poetry class for writing violent poetry and harrassing female classmates. The department head who afterwards worked with him one-on-one was so scared of him she devised a duress code to call security in case he became violent. And the violent plays he wrote in his other writing class had to be at least somewhat well-known, as former classmates posted them on the Internet within hours of the shooting. But never mind the writing, which last I checked was still protected by the First Amendment; university officials were aware that he had stalked at least two women. After the fact, said stalking seemed to provoke less outrage in the media than his writing; of course, they were only girls. < / SARCASM >

"In the days following the shooting, Steger defended the university's actions, saying that he initially thought the dorm room shooting was 'a domestic fight, perhaps a murder-suicide.'"

Tell me, President Steger, who did you think pulled the trigger? Was it Emily Hilscher, the animal-loving freshman? Or was it her resident advisor Ryan "Stack" Clark, a triple-major Habitat for Humanity volunteer who was reportedly beloved by everyone who knew him? Well it must have been him, after all he was a black guy and you know they all have guns. < / MORE SARCASM >

And why alert the rest of the campus about a domestic shooting, anyway? It's a private matter. Girl probably got what she deserved. < / EVEN MORE SARCASM >

...If you guys ever wonder again why I'm so shallow and devoted to celebrity gossip, here it is: When I look at the real world, I see all sorts of stuff just like this, stuff that I'm powerless to fix, and it makes me so angry and frustrated I can't see straight.
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Michigan debates law requiring girls to get HPV vaccinations, Religious Right throws fit that this will encourage promiscuity

This makes me so ill that I just want to break something.

For one thing, this argument defies logic. A middle-schooler gets a shot, and it causes her to go out and fuck everything in sight? Yeah right. There are lots of things that could lead to a middle-schooler acting out through sex -- sexual abuse, crappy parenting -- but a simple vaccination is not one of them. Hell, most kids can't remember what all they're being vaccinated for. They're kids. They shouldn't have to worry about that stuff. Hey, why are all these anti-sex types so convinced that all anyone ever thinks about is sex anyway? Could it be that they're ...projecting?

And stuff like this makes their true agenda of sexism all the more apparent. HPV is a woman's problem -- at least 80 percent of women will have it by the time they're 50. Sure, men get it too -- how do they think the women get it? -- but since they don't have a cervix to develop cervical cancer, no harm, no foul. Even if you buy in to these wackos' reprehensible line that the only women who deserve to be safe are the ones who save it all for their husband -- well, they can get it too, as hubby was not held to the same standards of purity. These people are convinced that sex is something women do on their own; I don't know what they call their own peccadilloes. What gives? Do these men not realize that if they kill all us sluts, they'll have to do each other? OH NOES TEH GAY!!!!

Well, at least there's something to be happy about: the bipartisan group of female lawmakers who came up with this bill. Now that's what I call true American heroines.
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I'm sure by now you've all already heard about the Forbes article exhorting men not to marry career women. I don't know if I'm even going to bother saying anything about it because other people have already said it all better (this article at Salon does it nicely, as do many LJ postings), other than perhaps to point out that the author's criteria for "career women" -- working more than 35 hours a week and making more than $30,000 a year -- hardly describes the type of workaholic executive he seems to be referring to, and furthermore very few families can survive on one income these days, making a "career woman" pretty much a necessity for most families. Most of the men I know would be offended at the article's presumption that men cannot take care of themselves and must have wives who function as mothers (not to mention queasy at the thought of sex with Mommy-Wife). In addition, many of the virtuous housewives Michael Noer extolls probably stay in rotten marriages because they cannot afford to leave. But I digress.

After some thought, I've decided that the thing that troubles me the most is not the article, which is asinine, condescending, and under the impression that marriage and other institutions are solely for the benefit of men, or even the fact that Forbes published it, apparently in an attempt to get female readers to cancel their subscriptions.

No, it's the message boards.

Yes, I know. Arguing on the intarwub is the Special Olympics and all that. But even a casual perusal of the reader comments at Forbes shows scores of men gloating and screaming at any women who attempt to post.

Examples )

And I'm just aghast... it's not that I'm shocked that there are men like this, but that there are so many of them, and they're just dripping with anger and looking for people to take their aggressions out on, and never considering that they're a part of the equation too, no, they're just persecuted... and I want to give up.

What's the point in even trying to interact with people when they're not going to listen to a goddamned word I say, just because I'm a woman, or liberal, or Not Them? Of course, they'd say I'm the closed-minded one because there's no way they can convince me that George W. Bush is a good man and I need to get in the kitchen and make them some pie. And these people are everywhere. I feel safe and insulated in my little world with my friends... but am I? Rather than giving myself ulcers, shouldn't I just retreat into that world and be grateful for it?

(I'm going to interrupt myself to say: I know some of you like Bush. And I'm stating here for the record that while I might be fine with you as a person, I absolutely consider supporting George W. Bush and his policies to be an immoral act. If you can't deal with me thinking that, fuck off.)

I just feel so frustrated, and useless, and fucking helpless when I see shit like this and know there's not a goddamned thing I can do to change it.

But since Michael Noer wants to send us back to the dark ages, let's do him one better and go back even further -- to a little play called Lysistrata. Ladies, I challenge you to join me. Let's make sure that Michael Noer never gets a piece of ass he didn't have to pay for for the rest of his sniveling life.


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