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Political affiliation aside, Americans in general seem most comfortable when they have a First Lady they can respect and a Vice President they can make fun of.

*This theory brought about by memories of my own childhood under Bush 41, this article, and a conversation James and I had after Jimmy Fallon made the joke "They lit the first candle on the menorah at the White House tonight, then Joe Biden blew it out and made a wish":

James: Is Joe Biden really that stupid?
Me: No, everyone's just so relieved that the Vice President is back to being a genial goof instead of Darth Cheney.
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It's official: Blagojevich is out. At this point the only thing that surprises me is that he didn't get up there and say "of course I tried to sell that Senate seat, have you looked at this economy? I'm hurtin' too. We could get out of this recession if everyone had the kind of initiative I showed!"

Icon stays because Bush may be gone, but alas, it appears stupid and unethical politicians of both parties will be with us always.

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CNN: Blagojevich plans to return to work today

Dude, if there ever were a time for a day off... I'm just sayin'.
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No, I'm not cut-tagging it. Deal.

The election is over. (And not a minute too soon.)

I volunteered for President-Elect Obama's campaign. I haven't posted anything on LJ about phone-banking for Obama, or canvassing in North Carolina for Obama, because apparently I've decided to let everyone on LJ bully me into censoring myself, but some of the stuff I've seen on LJ this morning... I have to say something.

I have seen several lovely, heartfelt posts this morning that echo Senator McCain's dignified and generous concession speech last night, from people who realize that first and foremost we are all Americans and are willing to give Obama a chance. And I have seen, and not just on LJ, some crazy shit. Bread lines? "Spreading the wealth" as taking money from people who themselves are hurting? Conservatives saying "don't worry, he'll get killed"? Really? There's something called the American ideological consensus, which basically means that the two parties are really a lot closer to the center than anyone gives them credit for. What's up with the Red Terror? We've survived a civil war, two world wars, and a whole lot of other shit; do you really think Obama's election is going to destroy the country? Hell, we all know how I feel about W, and he still hasn't destroyed the country. Can we give America a little more credit?

And here's something I really don't get: So many Republicans say Democrats are lazy and want the government to do everything for them, and then we Obama supporters decide to take responsibility ourselves for what's going on in the nation and get involved, and then the Republicans say that we're in a cult and have clearly been hypnotized and can't think for ourselves. That is an insult to me as an American. (And where were these people when the documentary Jesus Camp showed children praying to cardboard cutouts of W? If that doesn't say "cult," I'm not sure what does.)

The thing that really moves me about Obama is he talks about us, all of us, the United States of America. What's so bad about the country working together to improve things? It's what Americans have done in the toughest times. Can we set aside this partisan insanity and just be Americans for a while, give it a try? If you try it and don't like it, well, then you'll know for the next election.

Also: I am completely pissed off over all the votes for homophobia. I'm just ill.

If you feel the need to defriend me over this post, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
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From this week's Popbitch:

"For anyone that didn’t know. John McCain was at the bottom of his military class at Annapolis, but still got to pilot a fighter plan due to his father’s connections. He is the son and the grandson of admirals. He finished 894 of 899 in his graduating class. Despite crashing five aircrafts, John McCain was never disciplined. And son-of-single-mother Obama is, of course, the privileged elitist."

Of course there are those who will say this is just European propaganda since Popbitch is a British gossip newsletter.

Welcome to America, where war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.
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I've figured out why neocons hate sex so much:

They have to have it with Ann Coulter.

Hey, that explains why they hate women too!
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Yet another glaring example of the triumph of what you say over what you do:

"The one thing the president has said is, whatever you do, make sure you support the troops," press secretary Tony Snow said at the White House. "And the question people who support this resolution will have to ask is, how does this support the troops?"

Could we please get a textbook definition on what it means to "support the troops"? Because I fail to see how sending even more of an overtaxed military over to guaranteed death and bloodiness (remember, Bush told us that one himself) in a plan that gives us no compelling reason to believe it'll work any better than what's come before is "supporting the troops." 

*sigh* I don't know why I even bother posting this. I might as well make this somehow worthwhile by giving a plug to people who actually support the troops.
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Say that I trash my mother's house, and as she's standing there in shock, I waltz in and say "no worries, Mom, I take responsibility for this."

Then rather than cleaning up the mess, I wander around, throwing some more trash on the floor while I'm at it.

That is not taking responsibility. And it's sad that American discourse has been reduced to what you say, not what you do. 

Can the mess even be cleaned up? At this point, probably not.

We got damn lucky in Vietnam. It was in a corner of the world everyone else was willing to ignore, so eventually the chaos went away. The Middle East is pretty much permanently in chaos, both from without and within, between feuding ethnic groups and the oil the whole world wants at any cost. And now, the whole region's liable to blow like a powder keg. I am absolutely not bullshitting you when I tell you I really do fear for the future.

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Wow. For once I get to talk about what I saw on TV last night without using a spoiler cut.

I called my mom this morning. She said "How are you feeling?" and I said "well, I didn't feel the need to tie one on last night like I did the past two election nights."

That said, I'm hardly the happy squeeing ball of goo most of you were expecting, for a variety of reasons:

* Harold Ford Jr. lost his Senate race in Tennessee, largely due to the spectre of the racist South. (Of course, the fact that his daddy's made a career of being a corrupt politician probably didn't help either.) I think he would have done a great job (daddy notwithstanding), and I wouldn't be nearly so angry if I didn't feel Corker had won by going OH NOES HE'LL HAVE SEX WITH YOUR WHITE WIMMEN.

* Apparently the Republicans are becoming a regional party -- centered right where I live. Great. As if the South needed any help digging itself into a poorly educated impoverished intolerant hole.

* The Democrats who are making strides in the South (Heath Shuler, I'm looking at you, and believe me is it weird for a Vandy grad who once got a small crowd, well okay maybe it was more like two people, chanting "another Heath Shuler" at Peyton Manning) are doing it by acting like Republicans -- criminalize abortion, we don't like gays! Yeah, THAT'S exactly what we need. I sincerely hope it doesn't come to that, but I won't stick around if it does. Not like I have a choice because...

* James has finally convinced me the two-party system is utterly borked. I'm having a lot of trouble looking on these results as anything more than "same shit, different day."

* I sincerely hope that the Democrats don't repeat Bush's mistake of thinking they have a mandate. For the first time in my life, I agree with Tom DeLay -- the Democrats didn't win, the Republicans lost. And if the Democrats don't get their act together, we'll be back to square one in no time.

* I have serious doubts that this will actually do much to end Bush's shenanigans, because it's not like the Democrats have ever shown any balls to speak of. I'll believe it when I see it and not a moment before.

* Virginia, I swear if George Macaca Allen pulls this out, you will become my go-to state for mocking for the foreseeable future. Seriously folks, put down the crack pipe. Or maybe it's the mint julep Kool-Aid.

* Joe Lieberman, that egomaniacal sack of shit. Seriously, the Dems should tell him to fuck off, which is after all what he did to them, but can't because they need the numbers.

* And the big one... the past two elections I gave money, I even went door-to-door in '04. Didn't do a damn bit of good. This time around, I didn't, and that didn't matter either. So much for feeling like I have any power to affect anything. And yes, those of you reading this who I tried and tried to reason with in '04 and you voted for Bush anyway and now you're all "yay! Republicans lost!" -- yeah, I'm talking about you. See, that's the thing. Absolutely nothing I say is going to change anyone's mind, and it's just going to subject me to abuse like being told I'm closed-minded and stupid for pointing out that Fox News is a bunch of liars. So forgive me if I only talk about shallow shit like Britney Spears. At the end of the day, my sanity is my priority. Not posting the same shit every day.

Rumsfeld's out. Santorum's out. Dammit, aren't I supposed to be happy? But with all that Bush has done to our country, it just feels like too little, too late.
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Thanks to [ profile] karnythia, I now know that Bill O'Reilly and Fox News repeatedly mislabeled Mark Foley a Democrat. Can't we file a class-action lawsuit to make them accurately label themselves Fox Propaganda?
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Michigan debates law requiring girls to get HPV vaccinations, Religious Right throws fit that this will encourage promiscuity

This makes me so ill that I just want to break something.

For one thing, this argument defies logic. A middle-schooler gets a shot, and it causes her to go out and fuck everything in sight? Yeah right. There are lots of things that could lead to a middle-schooler acting out through sex -- sexual abuse, crappy parenting -- but a simple vaccination is not one of them. Hell, most kids can't remember what all they're being vaccinated for. They're kids. They shouldn't have to worry about that stuff. Hey, why are all these anti-sex types so convinced that all anyone ever thinks about is sex anyway? Could it be that they're ...projecting?

And stuff like this makes their true agenda of sexism all the more apparent. HPV is a woman's problem -- at least 80 percent of women will have it by the time they're 50. Sure, men get it too -- how do they think the women get it? -- but since they don't have a cervix to develop cervical cancer, no harm, no foul. Even if you buy in to these wackos' reprehensible line that the only women who deserve to be safe are the ones who save it all for their husband -- well, they can get it too, as hubby was not held to the same standards of purity. These people are convinced that sex is something women do on their own; I don't know what they call their own peccadilloes. What gives? Do these men not realize that if they kill all us sluts, they'll have to do each other? OH NOES TEH GAY!!!!

Well, at least there's something to be happy about: the bipartisan group of female lawmakers who came up with this bill. Now that's what I call true American heroines.
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Finally someone is getting it together to let everyone know that the Religious Right does not speak for all the Christians in America. Check it out:

Sign the Jacksonville Declaration of the Christian Alliance.

I especially love their attempt to extrapolate what Jesus would say, according to the Religious Right:

"You are strong and powerful; your ideals are noble. Make war to spread those ideals."
"The end is near - So it doesn't matter what you do to my Father's creation."
"Heal the sick - Provided they can pay."
"All are welcome at the table - As long as they are the same as we are."
"Follow me - And help me form a government to force others to follow."

Good stuff. I really hope these folks can get off the ground. At any rate, I'm just happy to see them speaking up.


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