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Yesterday morning I was lying in bed with Heidi sitting next to me when Katie came traipsing across the room. I thought "oh no, here comes trouble." Katie doesn't do too well with not being the kitty center of attention, and she's not above swatting Heidi when Heidi's getting pets.

Katie hopped up on the bed, walked over me, and went right up to Heidi.

Then the two of them put their heads down... and nuzzled.

Then they did it again!

Then Heidi washed Katie's face!

Okay, so they were back to chasing each other within the hour, but that was okay because I was already DED OF TEH CUTE.
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I don't know what the hell is up with Heidi these past couple of days. I thought I was making real progress with her, what with her climbing up on me and licking my face. But the past couple of days, she's been skittish as hell -- maybe moreso than she was when I first got her home. She's not hiding, but she's not having much to do with me. Remember the Calvin and Hobbes strips where Calvin would be interacting with strange aliens who turned out to be his parents? That's how she's looking at me. Like I'm some strange alien. It's not that she's snooty, she's just not even in the same universe.

I was so concerned with doing the right thing for her that I didn't think about the right thing for me, what I wanted (which I realize now was a nice kitty, probably orange, that would climb all over me like B.J. and Nick used to), and now what I most feared has come to pass: I have a cat that doesn't like me.
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Heidi's training of me must be going pretty well, because in the past couple of days I've been feeling less and less like "my cat doesn't love me" and more and more like "my cat might kinda like me."

She's accumulating some funny habits. The first weekend, I made the mistake of walking in the room while she was in the litter box. She gave me a really dirty look, jumped out, and ran off. Okay, no bothering Heidi while she's in the litter box. But the same courtesy does not extend to me. If I'm in the bathroom, Heidi will saunter in, plop down on my feet, roll over, and gaze up at me as if to say, "While you're up there, why don't you make yourself useful and rub my belly?"

I took a few bad snapshots of her Saturday morning to show to my gaming group. The universal reaction was "she's fat." Tiny kitty head, skinny kitty tail, big honkin' kitty body. I suspect this is because she was in a foster home with a lot of other cats and she didn't get much exercise. At first she'd only play with the fishing-pole toy for about five minutes, but I got her up to ten yesterday. She's acting more and more like a kitten. Her foster mom told me she never played or went after toys before.

But the most endearing thing is when she climbs all over me and licks my face. She kept giving me little nose-kisses this morning. Almost made me late for work, but it was worth it.


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