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Okay, I've gotten into animal rescue lately, I've been meaning to make a post about how I got into it and stuff, but as usual life throws a curveball that breaks the pane-glass window of how I was neatly going to represent my life (my lord, that may be the worst sentence I've ever blogged) and here I go.

I attended Rep. Stan Watson's hearing in Decatur last week to discuss the conditions in Georgia animal shelters. He brought a little friend from the Department of Agriculture whose name I did not catch, much to my woe. At one point a citizen asked why the Department of Agriculture was not enforcing the 1990 Georgia Humane Euthanization Act. Said Department of Agriculture guy says rather snottily that there is no such thing as the Georgia Humane Euthanization Act.

Well, guess what hit the AP today.

So I'm mad as hell because this guy told us a bald-faced lie. What, did he think we couldn't read? How stupid does this guy think we are, really?

So what is proper procedure when a government official has lied to you? I'm planning a letter to the editor (will need the guy's name first) and a email asking Rep. Watson why I should believe anything he says when he brought Liar Liar Pants on Fire to this meeting and introduced him as his buddy, but that doesn't seem like enough. Now I think I understand why so many people drop out of civic life altogether.


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