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OMG V actually got interesting!
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Excellent column from Nicholas Kristof at the New York Times today about whether the United States can really claim the best health care in the world. Did you know a woman in America is eleven times more likely to die in childbirth than a woman in Ireland? But if you manage to survive till you're Medicare-age, your life expectancy goes through the roof.

On the other side of the coin, we have protesters in Washington shouting "kill the bill", despite the fact that many of them are of the age where they are either covered by Medicare or soon will be. The comments they make indicate that most of them really don't know what they're talking about -- they whine about government interference and then out of the other side of their mouths they bitch that Medicare doesn't cover enough.

Most sadly for me, apparently a large number of these people announced they were Christian. I guess they missed all the verses about caring for the sick and needy. People like this are why some of the best people I know recoil when I tell them I'm a Christian.

Frankly, this whole healthcare thing has pretty much destroyed any faith I had left in either America or human kindness. I watched V the other night, and the big reveal that the aliens were evil was the phrase "universal health care." What's so bad about giving everyone a chance for proper health care, not just those who were born into privilege? The article didn't say, but I'm betting there weren't that many people of color in the crowd. And I'll bet you that crowd thinks everything they have they earned, when so much of life is just plain luck (and expect to have more of it if you're white and rich).

Opt-out option? Right now I'd like to opt out of the human race.

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Over lunch I was reading an article in Rolling Stone about 11 murders committed by soldiers at Fort Carson and how the lack of mental health care almost certainly contributed to the subsequent crimes. And then I came back to my computer to see this. When will we ever learn what it means to truly support the troops?
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A LOLcat site for people with no sense of humor.

I would probably have let this pass without mention if the "About Us" section hadn't irritated me so deeply, in particular this part:

What the internet fails to realize is that most cats do not think like people. They think like cats.

On the contrary, I think the majority of LOLcat fans do recognize this. You know why? BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT FUNNY. And if I want to anthropomorphize my cats, what does it matter to you, Mr./Ms. Humorless Internet Person? It's not hurting you. Are you a killjoy at parties too?

Anyway, after I showed this to coworkers, they started dishing out the stories about inexplicable cat behavior ("you are pretending to be asleep and I want you to get up and feed me already, so I'm going to start to push something fragile and valuable off this high shelf"). Maybe cats are as boring as this guy thinks they are, but I'm not convinced.

I've spent too much time and energy on this already. Especially considering a LOLcat could sum up the whole thing in three words: DO NOT WANT.

ETA: Guess I'm the one made of fail because several people have made a case this is a joke site. OH GOD I'M ONE OF THOSE HUMORLESS INTERNET PEOPLE

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Bye, Dominick. Sorry I never got up off my lazy ass and sent you a fan letter.
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Some dumb bitch tried to leave through the Library of the Damned's VERY CLEARLY MARKED emergency exit. Forty-five minutes ago. The alarm is STILL going off. We don't have a way to turn it off. The people who can turn it off are taking their sweet time getting here. And I had a headache drugs couldn't touch before this thing even started.

Forget a drink. I need the whole bottle.
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I was flipping channels and came across what they're calling "the last supper" from Real Housewives of New Jersey and all I have to say is, what the fuck is this shit?
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James walks in, I'm watching the ballgame, I tell him the score.

James: I know, I was listening on the radio in the car.

Me: *double-take*

James (glancing at the tv): I thought Orlando was out of timeouts.

Me: *triple-take*
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This photo just broke my heart

because it singlehandedly destroyed the fantasy I've had ever since I heard about casting that involved Jeffrey Dean Morgan punching Billy Crudup in the blue junk for what he did to Mary-Louise Parker.

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It's official: Blagojevich is out. At this point the only thing that surprises me is that he didn't get up there and say "of course I tried to sell that Senate seat, have you looked at this economy? I'm hurtin' too. We could get out of this recession if everyone had the kind of initiative I showed!"

Icon stays because Bush may be gone, but alas, it appears stupid and unethical politicians of both parties will be with us always.

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CNN: Blagojevich plans to return to work today

Dude, if there ever were a time for a day off... I'm just sayin'.
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I just got one of those Breaking News alerts from the New York Times:

"It's Official: U.S. Economy in Recession"

All I have to say is "duhhhhh." And, possibly, "where have you been?"
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Because I need to talk about it. Holy shit.
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To all the veterans out there:

Thank you. You do a job I can't even comprehend, let alone do myself, and I am grateful.

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Me: Wanna watch Law and Order: Criminal Intent?
James: Sure. Maybe it'll be a new one and you'll get interested in it again and start watching it. [Unspoken: Instead of those moronic VH1 reality shows.]
Me: The problem is I don't know when it's on.
James: Um, it's always on.

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No, I'm not cut-tagging it. Deal.

The election is over. (And not a minute too soon.)

I volunteered for President-Elect Obama's campaign. I haven't posted anything on LJ about phone-banking for Obama, or canvassing in North Carolina for Obama, because apparently I've decided to let everyone on LJ bully me into censoring myself, but some of the stuff I've seen on LJ this morning... I have to say something.

I have seen several lovely, heartfelt posts this morning that echo Senator McCain's dignified and generous concession speech last night, from people who realize that first and foremost we are all Americans and are willing to give Obama a chance. And I have seen, and not just on LJ, some crazy shit. Bread lines? "Spreading the wealth" as taking money from people who themselves are hurting? Conservatives saying "don't worry, he'll get killed"? Really? There's something called the American ideological consensus, which basically means that the two parties are really a lot closer to the center than anyone gives them credit for. What's up with the Red Terror? We've survived a civil war, two world wars, and a whole lot of other shit; do you really think Obama's election is going to destroy the country? Hell, we all know how I feel about W, and he still hasn't destroyed the country. Can we give America a little more credit?

And here's something I really don't get: So many Republicans say Democrats are lazy and want the government to do everything for them, and then we Obama supporters decide to take responsibility ourselves for what's going on in the nation and get involved, and then the Republicans say that we're in a cult and have clearly been hypnotized and can't think for ourselves. That is an insult to me as an American. (And where were these people when the documentary Jesus Camp showed children praying to cardboard cutouts of W? If that doesn't say "cult," I'm not sure what does.)

The thing that really moves me about Obama is he talks about us, all of us, the United States of America. What's so bad about the country working together to improve things? It's what Americans have done in the toughest times. Can we set aside this partisan insanity and just be Americans for a while, give it a try? If you try it and don't like it, well, then you'll know for the next election.

Also: I am completely pissed off over all the votes for homophobia. I'm just ill.

If you feel the need to defriend me over this post, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
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I made my first Pundit Kitchen submission.

If you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for?


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